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Genesys Briefs on “Experience as a Service” for the Contact Center

At Enterprise Connect 2020, Elcenora Martinez (Vice President of AI, Genesys) briefed on Genesys’ “experience as a service” for contact center. This solution is powered by Genesys’ AI event-driven orchestration, which delivers proactive and personalized experiences for customers. Key capabilities of this service include:

  • Predictive engagement that strives to gain visibility of the customer’s journey, understand their intent, detect moments of struggle, and foster empathy.
  • Chatbot and voicebot with native and third-party self-service capabilities. These third parties include Microsoft, Google, and Adobe solutions. Agent transitions will occur when needed, with the full context passed over.
  • Predictive routing that determines the best possible match between customer and available agents.
  • Agent assist that leverages speech, text, and predictive analytics to handle real-time customer requests through automatic guidance.

Source: Genesys' Experience as a Service. Accessed: September 14, 2020.

For further information, watch the session Experience as a Service Powered by Genesys AI (available online until December 31, 2020, at Enterprise Connect 2020).

Our Take

Multiple contact center as a service (CCaaS) vendors at Enterprise Connect sought to showcase how they are leveraging the potential of AI-driven technologies to enhance customer experiences. Genesys, a market leader in this space, was no different. Indeed, it may be that 2020 is the year that table stakes of contact center solutions rose a bit higher. To compete as a market leader in this space, predictive analytics are fundamental offerings and form the basis of sentiment analysis, enhanced skill-based routing, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Of course, success is dependent on how good the data that goes into the system is. Info-Tech’s Build a Robust and Comprehensive Data Strategy ensures that organizations have a solid foundation for unlocking the value in their data. This includes identifying the key business drivers for executing your optimized data strategy, building compelling use cases, and articulating the vision, principles, and goals for your data strategy. When combined with your contact center solutions, your agents can be more productive and the customer experience will improve.

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