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FPT akaBot Positions Itself as a Notable RPA Competitor

Robotic process automation (RPA) became a forefront initiative for many organizations looking to streamline and automate business operations within their digital transformation journey. While it is broadly advertised that RPA can bring significant opportunities to improve business productivity across multiple business functions in a continuously changing environment, the effort to implement the right RPA practice and governance with the organization can be off-putting. The entire organization must change how it works and operates to see the full benefits of RPA. See our Build Your First RPA Bot blueprint for more information. Choosing the right vendor to enable RPA and train your team is critical.

It is hard to deny the preference for the big players in the RPA space: Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, and UiPath. However, their pricing, bulkiness, or overall position in the marketplace may steer you towards other notable vendors in this space, such as FPT akaBot. akaBot is a comprehensive RPA solution that helps organizations adopt the most appropriate approach for RPA whether they require:

  • Full, all-in-one RPA solutions and services, which includes 24/7 maintenance and operations support, training, and implementation assistance.
  • Mini solutions, which are templated, and out-of-the-box offerings that assist targeted business functions (e.g. HR, IT) or specific industries.
  • AI and optical character recognition (OCR) solutions, which take advantage of AI technology to extend the capabilities of traditionally scripted RPA bots.

Source: akaBot at SoftwareReviews, Accessed September 21, 2020

The akaBot solution is composed of three key components to support your RPA initiative:

  • akaBot Studio – Collaboratively develop and share automation workflows using a no code and intuitive GUI.
  • akaBot Center – Initialize, schedule, monitor and log, and deploy RPA resources and bots in your desired environment.
  • akaBot Agent – This is the live bot implementing the automation processes built from akaBot Studio.

Also, FPT’s akaBot Vision can support an organization’s push to becoming more digital by transforming structured and unstructured documents into usable data that bots and the broader organization can leverage. This product leverages cognitive capture, deep learning, and natural language processing technology.

Our Take

akaBot is an interesting player in the growing and maturing RPA space. While its customer stronghold is in Asia, significant strides are being made to make its presence known across the globe. This includes expanding reseller and OEM partnerships, and further differentiating its products with an integrated and loosely coupled ecosystem (e.g. BPMS integration, customizable REST API) and technology trends (e.g. AI, chatbots, OCR, HyperAutomation). We have yet to see how akaBot will continue to compete in this highly competitive market.

Source: Robotic Process Automation Data Quadrant at SoftwareReviews, Accessed September 21, 2020

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