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Epic EHR Is Opening Its App Orchard to American Well to Meet Demand for More Telehealth Technologies

In its recent physician survey, American Well found that 22% of physicians polled had used telehealth services, which is a 340% increase from 2015 when only five percent of physicians indicated that they had used telehealth technologies.

The American Well Telehealth (Clinical) app will allow providers to embed video consultation from the patient chart with one click, which will allow them to:

  • Join a video room in a patient context (using webRTC, iOS/Android, and standards-based video endpoints).
  • Leverage far-end camera control and fleet monitoring with American Well’s telemedicine carts.
  • Enable digital collaboration with non-Epic facilities.
  • Access Medical Images (PACS) to treat stroke patients.

Source: SoftwareReviews, Accessed June 27, 2019

Our Take

There is a lot of enthusiasm from the patient and provider communities to adopt more disruptive technologies to deliver care. Pursuing greater EHR telehealth integration is a technology that patients and providers are looking for. The integration of a telehealth app within an EHR platform will increase access, improve health outcomes, and create more coordinated care for patients.

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