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Dynatrace Offers Service to Improve SDLC

APM vendor Dynatrace is offering a service to help its customers improve their SDLC. This offering aligns with an overall shift in the IT marketplace.

Founded in 2006, in its earlier iteration, Dynatrace was among the earliest APM providers in the marketplace, focusing on traditional on-premises application monitoring capabilities.

In 2012, Dynatrace decided to build a completely new solution to deal with the changes taking place as a result of the rise of cloud and containers. This new solution ultimately became its flagship namesake platform in 2016.

But Dynatrace didn’t just modernize its monitoring platform, it also modernized its SDLC in line with the changes we’ve seen taking place with the rise of DevOps. It went from two releases per year to 25 releases per year.

Dynatrace found its customers asking, “how did you do this?” There was so much demand that Dynatrace created a consulting service, called Autonomous Cloud Enablement (ACE), in which it helps customers improve their SDLCs to achieve more frequent releases, higher throughput, and higher quality.

ACE does this by helping IT organizations build effective delivery pipelines and automating portions of cloud operations.

Our Take

Dynatrace’s offering of ACE to its customers to improve their SDLCs is in line with a shift Info-Tech has observed in the enterprise software industry for several years now: the shift toward an advisory and partnership relationship, where greater value is placed on the vendor’s expertise.

This is different from the old model (perhaps unfortunately still all too common) where vendors would try to milk their customers for support costs. In the new model, vendors offer services as value-adds that teach their customers new things and help their customers to expand their capabilities in terms of processes rather than just technology.

Info-Tech expects this trend to continue, as the improvement in software development tools and technology makes more and more features and capabilities into commodities, forcing vendors to differentiate more in the relationships they build with their customers.

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