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Dell Boomi Acquires Unifi: Is That Enough to Cover Its Existing Capability Gap?

Dell Boomi’s Master Data Hub (MDH) enhances its integration core AtomSphere so significantly that it would be recommended to buy MDH if your company is going to buy AtomSphere. MDH seems to have been designed to process transactional data primarily.

It understands the concept of a “master model” and nicely updates master data records by processing transactional data from many sources. It synchronizes master data records across all systems connected to it.

It appears, however, that the product lacks the ability to manage hierarchies and relationships across master entities.

In January 2020, Dell Boomi announced its acquisition of Unifi Software, which is known for its data cataloging and data preparation capabilities.

Our Take

We consider management of hierarchies and relationships an important part of master data management (MDM) because this capability enables the following use cases:

  • Understanding and managing relationships with complex clients (e.g. government split into ministries/departments and into agencies, corporations with numerous affiliates)
  • Consistency in aggregating data (e.g. by regions different from map regions, by lines of business, by product/services)

Although Unifi adds AI-based data profiling and cataloging capabilities, it does not seem to enable explicit management of hierarchies and relationships across master data entities.

To date, Dell Boomi has not formally announced a roadmap for MDH and Unifi. Hopefully, its goal would be to merge these products, otherwise Unifi might cannibalize MDH, since the two products have quite a number of overlapping features that enable data mastering and integration.

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