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Defend Against Suspicious Users With CylancePERSONA

This month, BlackBerry Cylance introduces CylancePERSONA, a user behavior detection and response platform, to address the growing pains of user impersonation and valid user credential exploits to launch malicious attacks.

Key features of CylancePERSONA include:

  • Behavioral biometric analysis
  • User conduct monitoring and analysis
  • Contextual authentication analysis
  • Automated user-centric response
  • Malicious and anomalous conduct detection
  • Cloud-based APIs

Our Take

CylancePERSONA focuses on user behavior and offers both detection and response abilities automatically, based on settings and thresholds configured by the organization’s IT security team. While user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) is not a new technology in the endpoint security vendor landscape, it should be noted that CylancePERSONA offers a response aspect to the endpoint security threat mitigation workflow, a feature not commonly included and potentially an add-on worth investigating.

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