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Culture Amp Implements New Confidentiality Protections

Culture Amp has enabled a new feature to increase employee confidentiality. With this launch, administrators can no longer identify participants indirectly.

Using the Culture Amp dashboard, administrators have the option to view employee survey results for the organizational population as well as filtering results by specific employee subgroups (e.g. department, manager, demographics, etc.). Culture Amp withholds seeing the results of groups less than five.

Previously, administrators could group a small team (less than five employees) with another large team (over five employees) and then view the results altogether. If administrators then filtered down to see only the larger team’s results, they could identify which participants were in the smaller group. This led to the ability of administrators to indirectly identify employees of smaller groups.

With this new product feature, administrators can no longer identify participants through larger groups: administrators would be denied access from seeing the larger group if it also incorporated a small group within it.

Source: CultureAmp, Reporting Confidentiality Protections. Accessed March 17, 2020.

Our Take

This new confidentiality protection ensures that employees on small teams can trust the Culture Amp product to not identify them. Although it may limit employee insights specific to small teams, it comes with the benefit of ensuring employees feel that their confidentiality is not violated. In addition, there is likely a stronger customer focus on privacy functionalities. This is due to increased regulatory compliance, as cited in our blueprint Build a Privacy Program. Thus, the new protection functionality also contributes to the value proposition of Culture Amp.

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