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CRM Users Are Not Happy With What AI Provides: They Want More Out of It

Freshworks recently published a study showing that only 12% of customer relationship management (CRM) users leverage an AI-based tool.

Freshworks commissioned Dynata, a data research firm, to survey 501 CRM users. Based on the results, only 11% of the users believe that AI facilitates focusing on “high-value customers.” About 97% of the respondents say that AI is expensive, while only 36% of the CRM users believe that the high value of AI is worth the investment.

Almost half of the respondents could not identify how AI can help CRM. Based on the survey, 31% of CRM users do not trust AI to be helpful, 37% trust it a little, and only 9% trust it completely. Moreover, the survey reveals that 56% of the survey participants believe they would rely on their experience rather than AI when they need to manage their customer relationships. Despite this low satisfaction rate, 75% of the respondents are willing to switch to another CRM solution if they get access to AI capabilities.

Our Take

The research shows that AI has been failing to provide real value to CRM users and they want more out of it. This has resulted in high levels of dissatisfaction. Most of these users are willing to switch to other platforms if they can get more benefits from AI.

AI needs to do something more than automations to increase its value. Meaningful recommendations, as well as automatic calculations and ratings of material such as sophisticated responses in essays, algebraic equations, and spoken responses, are some features that AI can add to attract many more customers.

Source: Freshsales CRM at SoftwareReviews

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