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Challenger Spotlight: Newton Applicant Tracking Software

Newton, an applicant tracking software, is a Challenger in the Recruitment Software space. Generally well received by its customers, it will find opportunities in continued innovation and ongoing support (Source: SoftwareReviews Recruiting Data Quadrant, July 12, 2019).

It currently scores at 73% for likeliness to recommend according to customer reviews that make up the April 2019 SoftwareReviews product scorecard report for Newton:

Source: Newton at SoftwareReveiws, Report Published April 2019

Like the top players in the space, Newton receives generally good responses from customers across the board. While there is always room to improve, few of Newton's features fail to adequately satisfy customers.

So where can Newton improve?

The features with the lowest scores (i.e. that occasionally disappoint in what is otherwise a very capable software) are product strategy and rate of improvement, vendor support, and management of candidate pools.

While Newton's scores for innovation are still relatively good in contrast to many other competitors, they do represent an opportunity. A full 19% of respondents rate Newton as stagnant in terms of continual improvement.

Source: Newton at SoftwareReveiws, Report Published April 2019

To push ahead, Newton needs to up its innovation game – and this seems to be on its radar. Product innovation appears to be a focus: "We have 50+ engineers working on making our recruitment software better and faster 24 hours a day…We have a strong vision of the future and are always working to keep Newton on the cutting edge of Applicant Tracking Systems" (Source:, July 12, 2019).

As Newton continues to innovate, the need to support customers through any change will undoubtedly increase. Fortunately, Newton receives an impressive 92% positive sentiment in regards to interactions with its representatives, making it well positioned to take on this challenge.

Source: Newton at SoftwareReveiws, Report Published April 2019

It will be exciting to see how the Recruiting software category rankings change as Newton addresses its improvement points.

Our Take

  • Newton is a Challenger in the Recruiting Software space.
  • According to customer reviews, product strategy and rate of improvement is an area of opportunity.
  • Customers report being very satisfied with interactions with Newton’s representatives.
  • Leveraging the above strength will be important to guide customers through change as Newton continues to innovate.

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