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AWS CloudEndure Price Cut: Replicate Your Heart Out

AWS has cut the cost of its CloudEndure disaster recovery service by 80%. CloudEndure was acquired by Amazon in 2019 and provides continuous, asynchronous, block-level replication of physical, virtual, or cloud-based VMs to a staging area in the AWS cloud. Most modern enterprise Windows and Linux operating systems can leverage CloudEndure for replication.

  • The cost of the replication service now runs to 2.8 cents per server hour, or roughly $20 per server per month.
  • In addition to the per-server fee, customers will have to pay for a staging area in AWS to store replicated resources as well as the cost of resources on AWS when they fire up their disaster recovery (DR) site.
  • With the cut, CloudEndure sits at a similar price point to Microsoft’s Azure Site Recovery, which offers a similar service for around $20/month (replication to customer-owned sites) or $32/month (replication to Azure cloud).

Source: Select the Optimal Disaster Recovery Deployment Model, Info-Tech Research Group.

Our Take

AWS and Azure are once again tactically cutting costs to grab market share, and their customers continue to benefit. Consider CloudEndure when you’re designing solutions for cloud-based disaster recovery.

That said, the block-level replication provided by CloudEndure isn’t itself a disaster recovery plan. You still need to:

  • Conduct a business impact analysis to identify workload criticality tiers.
  • Know your recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) so you can provision DR resources that are in line with business needs.
  • Confirm that your workloads can run in a DR environment.

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