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Archimigo Aims to Simplify Security Architecture, Risk, and Compliance

Archimigo offers a simplified solution for managing security architecture, risk, and compliance functions under one platform. At the Collision Conference in Toronto, ON in May 2019, Archimigo hosted a booth to showcase its product.

Headquartered in Australia, the SaaS-based application leverages deep learning to assist security teams in automating the generation of architecture and identification of risks based on the analysis of vast volumes of security data patterns. While these processes are traditionally manual, the platform aims to alleviate security architects, designers, and GRC analysts from these onerous and time-consuming tasks.

The platform touts the ability to efficiently create artifacts using pre-built templates (e.g. vendor assessments, security architecture requirements, security incident playbooks) and offers intuitive collaboration and workflow automation to share security documents with teammates across various departments for simple decision making and approval.

The product provides guidance for security requirements based on industry standards such as NIST, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001 (and HIPAA, FedRAMP, and others by early 2020) to compare against your architecture. Once implemented, it can identify gaps and potential risks that can be exported to a GRC platform.

Our Take

Depending too heavily on automation for any important task can inevitably lead to incorrect assumptions and other errors, so it is crucial to ensure that skilled architects and analysts are reviewing and providing critical feedback on the platform’s outputs. Pre-built templates are available, but again, each organization may have unique attributes that may not necessarily be initially captured by the deep learning model, so critically assessing and reviewing all artifacts is imperative.

Archimigo is new to the market and seems to be tackling a wide range of security issues – from architecture to risk, incident response, and more. As the product develops out from the proof-of-concept phase, it will be interesting to see how Archimigo progresses in each area. Whether it will excel at it all or find a sweet-spot of focus will be a matter of time. Archimigo offers free trails and proof-of-concept uses to test the functionality and usability.

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