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ThoughtSpot Launches Atlas Marketplace: Lego Approach to Assembling Analytics Solutions

ThoughtSpot demonstrates a new approach for enabling customers to build analytics solutions: facilitate integration with other vendors rather than trying to build/sell its own components (database, data acquisition, etc.).

Such an approach enables the company to focus on what they do best – its core product, search and AI-driven analytics. Hopefully, this is yet more confirmation that gone are the days when a business intelligence (BI) platform would come with its own tightly coupled (i.e. not usable for any other purpose) data preparation and database tools. Now, a customer can invest in a single database platform (e.g. Snowflake) and use it with ThoughtSpot or any other BI or analytical tool.

From the other side, ThoughtSpot is getting exposure to all the customers of its vendor partners. This should commercially compensate ThoughtSpot for not cross-selling its own additional software products – and its customers should expect a stronger core product growth as a result.

Source: ThoughtSpot at SoftwareReviews

Our Take

Hopefully, this trend is upheld by other BI and analytics platform vendors. When vendors take the integration task upon themselves, customers get quality solutions at much lower cost – or, having saved the money that would have been spent on complex integration hassles, they can afford to invest in a more expensive core product.

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