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In 2020, AI is going to accelerate technological change. Everything is on the table for automation or augmentation. Every business must evolve its strategy as a result. IT leaders are being asked to focus on driving that transformation.

  • 2020 Tech Trend Report – Executive Brief
  • 2020 Tech Trend Report – The Four Trends

1. From the competitive cloud to autonomous edge

With 94% of IT professionals reporting that their company is using cloud computing, the competitive advantage to be gained from technology projects is shifting towards greater capability at the edge.

  • 2020 Tech Trend Report – Trend 1: From the Competitive Cloud to Autonomous Edge

2. From robotic automation to symbiotic robots

Many tasks that used to be performed by people are now fully automated by machines in controlled settings. The next phase of robotics will see them entering into other industries and working alongside humans to offer augmentation.

  • 2020 Tech Trend Report – Trend 2: From Robotic Automation to Symbiotic Robots

3. If deep learning, then distributed trust

Trust in traditional institutions continues to decline and is rendering large organizations vulnerable to disruption. AI is also presenting new threats to trust with the emergence of deepfakes. The answer may be a new decentralized model of trust.

  • 2020 Tech Trend Report – Trend 3: If Deep Learning, Then Distributed Trust

4. If digital ethics, then data equity

If you're not paying for the product, you are the product. The outcry against data-scraping business models is getting results and highlighting the need to return data control to the user.

  • 2020 Tech Trend Report – Trend 4: If Digital Ethics, Then Data Equity
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Your Challenge

Learn how four key trends in 2020 require businesses to find their place in an AI-driven ecosystem:

  1. From the competitive cloud to the autonomous edge
  2. From robotic automation to symbiotic robots
  3. If deep learning, then distributed trust
  4. If digital ethics, then data equity
Learn how these four trends accumulate to result in a platform ecosystem that's purpose is to yield human benefits.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

With AI influencing business processes, everything is on the table for automation or augmentation.

Impact and Result

Understand how four key trends will impact “leadership in the loop" and generate human benefits:

  • Autonomous edge will impact input
  • Symbiotic robots will impact process
  • Distributed trust will impact control
  • Data equity will be the output
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