2021 Tech Trends

Thriving through disruptive change.

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Learn about the six key trends that will help you absorb disruption and adapt to change.

  • 2021 Tech Trends Report – Executive Brief
  • 2021 Tech Trends Report – The Six Trends

1. Machine learning by design

Harnessing machine learning as a core piece of the organization’s value proposition.

  • 2021 Tech Trends Report – Trend 1: Machine Learning by Design

2. Citizen development 2.0

Enabling nontechnical contributors to use and create AI combined with low-code and no-code environments.

  • 2021 Tech Trends Report – Trend 2: Citizen Development 2.0

3. Venture architecture

Developing and launching innovative new technology ventures from within.

  • 2021 Tech Trends Report – Trend 3: Venture Architecture

4. Distributed autonomous organizations

Collaborating without a central hub and taking control over the workday.

  • 2021 Tech Trends Report – Trend 4: Distributed Autonomous Organizations

5. Self-sovereign cloud

Balancing the capabilities of the public cloud with the control and privacy of on-premises infrastructure.

  • 2021 Tech Trends Report – Trend 5: Self-Sovereign Cloud

6. Digital sustainability

Using digital technologies such as software and machine learning to drive emission reduction and cost efficiency.

  • 2021 Tech Trends Report – Trend 6: Digital Sustainability

7. Listen to the Tech Insights podcast series

Hear interviews with thought leaders about each of the six key trends on Info-Tech’s podcast series.

  • 2021 Tech Trends Report – Trend 1 Podcast: AI as fashion designer with Idris Mootee
  • 2021 Tech Trends Report – Trend 2 Podcast: How the Citizen Developer helps solve local community problems
  • 2021 Tech Trends Report – Trend 3 Podcast: Championship analytics with MLSE
  • 2021 Tech Trends Report – Trend 4 Podcast: How will we work with AI in 2035?
  • 2021 Tech Trends Report – Trend 5 Podcast: The flexible future of cloud computing with Aptum
  • 2021 Tech Trends Report – Trend 6 Podcast: Microsoft's plan to become carbon negative by 2030
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Your Challenge

  • The global pandemic disrupted every organization, and the implications of its impact are still unfolding.
  • More disruptive change could come from anywhere, with political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental factors all posing unprecedented scenarios.
  • IT must mature quickly to support its organization as it faces the changes ahead.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Adapt to disruptive change. Identify the gap between your current operations and where they could be in the new scenario, and plan to improve your capabilities to achieve that vision.
  • Absorb the impact of disruptive market change. Lessen the blow of a crisis by strengthening all elements of your system and distributing the impact equally throughout. Use digital tools to renew the value proposition of your organization in a way that reflects the full context of the market scenario.

Impact and Result

  • Use the data and analysis from Info-Tech’s 2021 Tech Trends Report to inform your IT strategic plan.
  • Discover the six trends defining IT’s path in 2021.
  • Understand which IT practices and trends have the biggest impact on overall IT effectiveness.
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