Establish Data Governance

Data & Business Intelligence Solution Set

The amount of data within organizations is growing at an exponential rate, creating a need for organizations to adopt a formal approach to governing their data. However, many organizations remain uninformed on how to effectively and sustainably govern their data.

Governance and Management of Enterprise Software Implementation

Applications Solution Set

You have been tasked with delivering a large-scale software implementation project. Historically, similar projects within your organization have failed to complete on time, on budget, and/or have failed to deliver upon their intended benefits. It some cases, these projects have even been...

Build a Robust and Comprehensive Data Strategy

Data & Business Intelligence Solution Set

Put a strategy in place to ensure data is available, accessible, well integrated, secured, of acceptable quality, and suitably visualized to fuel organization-wide decision making. Start treating data as strategic and corporate asset.

Make Your IT Governance Adaptable

CIO Solution Set

To effectively meet the needs and velocity of digital organizations and modern practices, IT governance must be embedded and automated where possible to drive success and value.

Position IT to Support and Be a Leader in Open Data Initiatives

CIO Solution Set

Open data programs often don’t get the attention or resources they need to thrive. Build a more robust open data program by following this blueprint’s method behind generating buy-in, improving the maturity of your program, and tracking the benefits of open data through metrics.

Create a Data Management Roadmap

Data & Business Intelligence Solution Set

This blueprint will help you design a data management practice that will allow your organization to use data as a strategic enabler.

Discover and Classify Your Data

Security Solution Set

The sensitivity of data varies significantly, from public information to highly confidential trade secrets. To ensure proper protection, businesses need to identify and classify data. However, different classifications of data require different treatment. Protect your sensitive data, but not...

Recover Data Center Space After IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

Infrastructure & Operations Solution Set

The growth of IT infrastructure outsourcing and server virtualization have reduced in-house data center physical space and equipment requirements, leaving organizations with more data center capacity than they need. Stop wasting resources by maintaining this extra capacity and downsize your...

Embrace Information Lifecycle Management in Your ECM Program

Data & Business Intelligence Solution Set

Not all information assets are created equal; you need a structured approach to handling your organization’s information assets from creation to destruction that considers the value and risk associated with each asset. Embrace information lifecycle management in your overall ECM program.

Establish an Analytics Operating Model

Data & Business Intelligence Solution Set

Self-serve analytics is not simply transitioning IT-driven analytics to the business. Organizations are struggling to understand what's involved in the analytics developer lifecycle to generate reusable insights faster. Adopt Info-Tech's approach to align data, leadership, capabilities, and...

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