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Although the encryption of data, due to the ongoing litany of lost and stolen high profile notebooks, is the laptop security issue that gets the most airplay, it is not the only problem faced by these highly mobile devices. Ensuring a suitable level of protection from viruses, intrusions, and inappropriate content is as problematic, if not more so. While solutions such as endpoint security and network access control attempt to remedy this, Yoggie's Gatekeeper solutions provide an effective alternative.

A Look at the Lineup

The Yoggie suite of Gatekeeper solutions is made up of four products, divided into two baskets. The Gatekeeper Pico and Gatekeeper Pico Pro are small devices, the size of a large USB flash drive, while the Gatekeeper SOHO and Gatekeeper Pro are roughly the size of a typical PDA or smartphone. All of the devices are self-contained, miniaturized computers powered by a 520MHz Intel CPU, contain 128Mb of SDRAM and two Flash memory chips, 128Mb of writable space, and 8Mb of read-only space. Though the four offer the same essential capabilities, there are subtle differences between the units as laid out in the following table:

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