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Sprint Nextel has the third largest number of wireless service subscribers in the US market. Although the carrier relies on roaming agreements with Verizon Wireless to provide nationwide network coverage, Sprint Nextel offers reliable wireless communications services and a competitive selection of handhelds. The carrier warrants consideration as a primary wireless service provider for SMEs, and a secondary or complementary provider for large enterprises.

Merging to Compete

Sprint Nextel emerged in 2005, when Sprint Corporation acquired Nextel Communications. Since its inception, the carrier has continued to invest in its diverse network infrastructure and compete with the leading wireless service providers in the US market. At present, Sprint Nextel trails behind its competitors in terms of network coverage and customer service. However, the carrier continues to offer a strong line of products and, as the only remaining carrier supporting integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN), dominates the US push-to-talk market.

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