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A growing number of enterprises are considering Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), the version of SharePoint that is included with Windows Server operating systems. In Info-Tech’s most recent study on SharePoint, about 30% of enterprises surveyed are contemplating the adoption of WSS.

Three Deployment Approaches

Once the enterprise has committed to implementing WSS, deployment approaches must be considered. There are three options to choose from:

  1. Single server. WSS is installed on a stand-alone machine acting as both the Web/application server and the database server.
  2. Server farm. WSS is installed on at least two distinct servers. The functional roles of Web/application server and database server are separated.
  3. DBA-administered. Databases in WSS are created and managed by the enterprise’s database administrators (DBAs) instead of the SharePoint administrator.

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Published: September 24, 2009
Last Revised: September 24, 2009


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