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Web Content Management (WCM) presents a blizzard of acronyms and functionality.


The purpose of this worksheet is to direct IT managers toward the specific WCM solutions that most closely match their functional requirements. This shortlist serves as an input for the RFP process and should be used in conjunction with Info-Tech's other resources on WCM. Vendor profiles are based on the Info-Tech Research Group's recent in-depth reviews of the WCM market. Specific worksheet functionality includes:

  • Variable prioritization factors to determine the vendors that most closely match an enterprise-specific functionality profile.
  • Weightings to adjust the contribution of various suitability factors to the overall ranking.
  • A self-sorted ranking list of WCM vendors. The ranking is based on user input.

This worksheet helps IT managers to determine the WCM components that are essential to their enterprise. It also provides guidance on the vendors that are most capable of meeting their WCM needs.

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