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Enterprise usage of video, as a platform for communications and collaboration, continues to grow as more businesses look to improve the level and quality of interaction and information access across their increasingly distributed employee bases. While a substantial investment is involved, building an IP-based video streaming infrastructure today is feasible and, depending on enterprise needs, the benefits can be practical and tangible.

This research note discusses:

  • Delivering video over the IP network.
  • Appliance-based and software-based approaches to streaming.
  • Potential applications in the enterprise.

Enterprise IT leaders should understand the scope of the applications that a video streaming infrastructure can offer their organization, as well as the associated network implications.

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Published: January 9, 2008
Last Revised: January 9, 2008


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    Bryan Langdon | 05-07-2012

    Any additional information in regard to using Multicast distribution on a corporate network?

    • 9eb6a2810126f534ebf65557616f34d1 comment
      Info-Tech Research Group | 05-07-2012

      Thanks for your question. While this isn't a topic that we've covered in depth, it's worth noting that there are three main aspects to multicast video:
      --A multicast-enabled network infrastructure (routers and switches)
      --Multicast-enabled IP video sources
      --A multicast-enabled back-end video management system

      The topic may get additional, deeper coverage in a future refresh of our Video research publications.


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