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The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) has become the de facto global standard for IT service management. Many IT leaders see ITIL as a quick solution to IT chaos. However, blindly following ITIL in hopes of finding a universal remedy is doomed to fail. This note addresses the following topics:

  • What ITIL is and how it works.
  • Users of ITIL.
  • Benefits of ITIL.
  • Basic structure of ITIL and an overview of its core concepts.
  • What ITIL is not, or common misconceptions about ITIL.

Many IT leaders are turning to ITIL in an effort to increase IT service levels and decrease costs. While ITIL continues to gain popularity, it involves adopting and adapting new processes and approaches to IT that are new to many enterprises. As a result, IT leaders must establish specific goals in adopting this framework.

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