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Deciding which application development platform will rule the IT roost is an ongoing issue with many enterprises. Info-Tech Research Group's research shows that on average, 65% of enterprises of all sizes have both .NET and Java in their development environment. Java dominated the market early due to its strength as a Web development platform in the dot-com heyday and because of its robustness as an enterprise application development platform. .NET is currently upstaging Java due to its ease of use, out-of-the box feature set, and its proven track record of being capable of building large, scalable enterprise applications.

This research note will provide decision makers with insight into which development platform may be most appropriate to their needs by addressing key issues like:

  • Corporate attitudes towards open source and third-party software.
  • Physical location of the organization.
  • IT history of developing and supporting custom-built applications.

These developments have changed the nature of the questions that IT leaders must ask themselves. Selecting the best enterprise application development platform involves less either/or questions and more “which platform to use when” questions.

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Published: November 6, 2007
Last Revised: November 6, 2007

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    Pascal Phan | 11-30-2011

    This is a very good article about .NET and Java


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