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Desktop virtualization promises to be the next wave of cost effective virtualization technologies following the success of server virtualization. Although the concept and technology of centralized management of desktops has been around in the form of thin clients, it hasn't been popular with end users. The latest solutions offer the best of both worlds – IT gets single pane of glass management and deployment of desktops, end users get to keep their customizable desktop wallpapers, application settings, and data. The centralized management when done well was shown to significantly reduce desk side support costs. Current adoption of desktop virtualization is still small, however the interest from IT and business leaders is significant.



The buzz around desktop virtualization grows; use this report to learn about the current state of the technology, its future, and best practices for implementation. The report leverages detailed case studies and findings from over 200 survey respondents and interviewees in addition to vendor briefings to provide a holistic view of desktop virtualization.

The reports provide a snapshot of the state of desktop virtualization and covers the following:

Desktop Virtualization: A New Desktop Delivery Takes Flight

  • Understanding Virtualization on the Desktop
  • Desktop Virtualization Adoption
  • The Future of Desktop Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization: Assessing Organizational Appropriateness

  • Key Desktop Virtualization Drivers
  • Desktop Virtualization Appropriateness
  • Challenges of Desktop Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization: Key Implementation Considerations

  • Success in Desktop Virtualization
  • Project Planning & Piloting
  • Server Considerations
  • Network & Broker Connection
  • Access Devices
  • Communication Strategy

Tool (included): The associated “Desktop Virtualization Appropriateness Assessment Tool” will help organizations determine if desktop virtualization is for them. After answering a short questionnaire, the appropriateness tool gives a breakdown of which users would be a good fit for deployment and if existing infrastructure will mitigate the costs of implementation of virtual desktop infrastructure.



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    Mitch Sharp | 02-28-2010

    The Spreadsheets are locked and the TCO spreadsheet has some cells that need to be filled in that are locked. Please let me know how I can get an unlocked spreadsheet

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      Info-Tech Research Group | 10-21-2011

      We were unable to replicate the problems indicated. Please ensure the tools are being opened in either MS Excel 2003 or newer. Other spreadsheet software (, Google Apps/Docs, etc.) may not be able to open the tool properly.


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