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Google’s New Mobile Sites Certification Program

Mobile traffic now accounts for over fifty percent of all web traffic, and Google executive Chris Hohorst says, “Website visitors now expect their mobile experience to be as flawless as desktop, and the majority of online businesses are failing to deliver.” Google is working to help both individual developers and organizations with a new Mobile Sites certification program that aims to improve general standards for mobile design and speed.

Our View: Many CEOs see mobile for employees as their top mandate for upcoming technology innovation initiatives, but many developers lack the expertise, processes, and proper tools to effectively enhance applications or sites for mobile performance. Use our research, Develop Enterprise Mobile Applications with Realistic and Relevant Performance, to create a repeatable process for your developers to continually evaluate and optimize mobile application performance.

Cost Cutting at Harte Hanks

Harte Hanks is a San Antonio marketing company that specializes in direct mail marketing. The company plans to cut costs with employee layoffs as well as with a consolidation of information technology functions.

Our View: IT costs affect the entire business, not just IT. For this reason, IT must work with the business collaboratively to convey the full implications of IT cost cuts. Involve the business in the cost-cutting process, and take a value-based approach to cost optimization. IT leaders must develop a plan for cost cutting that avoids unintended interruptions to the business. See our research to Minimize the Damage of IT Cost Cuts.

Time Management Techniques

Time is a restricted asset, but it can be managed successfully, even with burdens like intrusions, diversions, and delaying. Tips to minimize and manage these hindrances include being organized, sticking to a schedule, planning sufficiently, and knowing when to cut back on things. A lot of successful time management comes down to prioritization.

Our View: There are five drivers of demand that must be managed by the manager: staff needs, business demands, job responsibilities, internal personal influences, and external personal influences. In order to balance the roles in their portfolio, managers need to recognize that they can impact these drivers to make positive changes. Use our research to Improve Your Time Management as a Working Manager.

The Lift: Water Bicycling

There are many creative and unique ways to get in shape. You may have thought of biking or swimming for exercise, but chances are you haven’t considered biking and swimming at the same time. A fitness fad called Hydrofit allows you to bike in water and is essentially a spinning class submerged in a small pool of water.

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