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Grubhub and Oracle Hospitality Partnership

The takeout marketplace leader Grubhub will be collaborating with Oracle Hospitality to help restaurants manage all of their in-house and takeout orders from one device to create greater efficiencies. The partnership will lead to a variety of financial benefits for restaurants including cost savings, revenue growth with increased opportunities for scalability, and simplified processes for balancing the books and managing tips.

Our View: A successful business partnership will allow the CIO to identify and communicate opportunities for business transformation and to co-lead the planning and implementation of the change. Use our Partnership Strategy Template to plan your approach to building partnerships.

Security Budget Rationale

Panelists at the recent MIT Sloan CIO Symposium agree that building the case for the return on investment of increasing cybersecurity budgets is difficult to communicate to top management. “Cybersecurity is viewed as the CISO’s problem, but ultimately it’s an enterprise problem. My job is to educate them about that,” said Christopher Porter, vice president and CISO at Fannie Mae.

Our View: Security budgets are unlike other departmental budgets. Increases or decreases in the budget can drastically affect the organizational risk level. To identify the critical areas and issues that must be reflected in your security budget, develop a comprehensive corporate risk analysis and mitigation effectiveness model, which will illustrate where the moving targets are in your security posture. Build, Optimize, and Present a Risk-Based Security Budget by using our methodology to move away from the traditional budgeting approach to build a budget that is designed to be as dynamic as the business growth model.

New Wearable Technology

A boot insert prototype to help improve the performance of Marines has been created by a collaboration between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory and the Marine Expeditionary Rifle Squad Team. The Mobility and Biomechanics Insert for Load Evaluation (MoBILE) detects changes in mobility and agility to inform decisions on material composition and format of athletic and protective gear for Marines.

Our View: Ensure that the right foundation is in place to maximize the connectivity and analytics potential of wearable devices and other Internet of Things technologies. To develop a repeatable process for evaluating and implementing new technologies, see our research Seize the Potential of the Internet of Things Today – Executive Brief.

The Lift: Running 3,000 Miles Across America

Fifty-year-old criminal defense attorney and the host of Investigation Discovery's "Deadly Sins" Darren Kavinoky is running more than 3,000 miles from Los Angeles to New York City to promote health and wellness. During breaks along his run, Kavinoky will meet with mayors, governors, and other local leaders to provide them with health statistics specific to their communities. Kavinoky often says, "You go through life as an example or a warning."

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