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CIO Mistakes to Avoid

Today’s CIOs must go beyond their roles as technology experts to become strategic partners. Three key mistakes CIOs make in today’s business environment are failing to form relationships with other executives, not articulating the value of technology to other business leaders, and not aligning their technology initiatives with desired business outcomes.

Our View: The business does not always view IT as a strategic partner. Many CIOs are not invited to participate in organization-wide strategic planning and decision making. Successful relationships drive successful IT organizations. For every 10% increase in relationship satisfaction, your business satisfaction with IT increases by 10%. Use our customizable presentation deck and discussion guide, from the Improve Business Satisfaction by 10% Through Business Relationship Management blueprint, to build understanding and validate business partner feedback from the CIO Business Vision survey. Align and prioritize your efforts based on the results.

Accenture to Modernize TSA

With a recently awarded contract worth $64 million, Accenture Federal Services (AFS) will modernize, enhance, and maintain over 70 Transportation Security Administration (TSA) enterprise applications using Agile and DevOps software development practices. “This contract demonstrates the strong partnership between AFS and the TSA,” said Kate Abrey, the leader of AFS’ work with the TSA. “We’re pleased to be able to use this approach to help the TSA modernize its technology infrastructure, create value faster and respond more readily to change.”

Our View: A successful business partnership will allow the CIO to identify and communicate opportunities for business transformation, and to co-lead the planning and implementation of the change. Use our Partnership Strategy Template to evaluate potential partners based on anticipated value and existing level of familiarity.

Trends Transforming Communications and Collaboration

From digital transformation to machine learning and artificial intelligence, developing trends are transforming communications and collaboration. In-app collaboration is evolving and making workflow easier and more efficient. Team chat/collaboration vendors are creating better digital workplace hubs and the cloud is enabling agile communications. IT leaders in the unified communications and collaboration space still focus most of their time on operations, but leveraging emerging trends can elevate internal processes or push new revenue streams.

Our View: Organizations are losing productivity from managing the limitations of yesterday’s technology. Move forward with modernizing your communications infrastructure. Redefine how you think of communications and achieve productivity and efficiency gains. See our executive brief, Modernize Communications and Collaboration Infrastructure, for more information.

The Lift: The Next Level of the Distressed Jean Fad

Distressed denim jeans have been in style for quite a while, and fashionistas don’t have to look far to find shops that sell these types of jeans with their pre-fashioned rips and tears. Nordstrom just released a new style of denim jeans that they describe as “heavily distressed.” This $425 pair of jeans has caked-on fake mud to make them appear dirty, and the Nordstrom site says they’re supposed to "embody rugged, Americana workwear."

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