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Clarizen Reports Record Growth

Clarizen, the global leader in collaborative work management software, reports record growth in 2016 as large enterprises seek better business agility through employee collaboration. The global project and portfolio management market is predicted to grow to reach $5.2 billion by 2020.

Our View: Project agility should help drive business agility, assuming that the portfolio is itself Agile. Portfolio management and project management are separate concerns. The portfolio management methodology needs to interface with projects (and vice versa), but these projects have distinct goals, terminology, and methodology. Our research, Manage an Agile Portfolio, helps you improve project oversight without imposing old-school command and control.

Staff Turnover Affects Financial Performance

Employees impact the financial performance, service quality, and brand reputation of their organizations. The empirical research findings presented in TFG Asset Management's white paper clearly highlight the implications of a high voluntary turnover rate, which leads to a negative impact on top-line performance and ultimately reduces bottom-line profits.

Our View: Small, genuine gestures of recognition from a manager or peer can be the most impactful recognition tactic for many employees and can help reduce turnover. Inspire your employees to become more motivated, proactive, and committed with the help of our research: Recognize the Value and Work of Your Small Enterprise IT Team.

Astrobot Attempting to Make Email Easier

Astro is a new app that features Astrobot, a chatbot powered by machine learning that’s designed to sort important emails, clean out a user’s inbox, and provide other tools for making email easier. It currently works with Gmail and Office 365 email accounts, but Astro plans to go beyond email and take its position as a conversational interface for users’ inboxes and add connections to other systems of record like CRM with Astrobot as the interface to all of it.

Our View: Whether or not you have an email chatbot helping you sort emails, email is only effective if it is used with respect and in alignment with the goals of the company. Our Email Acceptable Use Policy outlines the appropriate and inappropriate uses of corporate email in order to reach the goals of your organization and minimize disruptions to services and activities.

The Lift: List of Top Macaron Destinations

The macaron is a sweet meringue-based confection that often floods social media apps like Instagram and Pinterest with cute, unique designs from bakeries and shops. This list of top macaron destinations catalogs shops from around the world that make the most darling macarons.

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