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GSMA’s Big Data for Social Good Initiative

The Big Data for Social Good initiative was launched at the recent Mobile World Congress. The initiative will facilitate mobile operators to provide key insights based on anonymized metadata generated by their networks to support the response in humanitarian crises, including epidemics and natural disasters.

Our View: Organizations must architect for big data or they risk the existing data architecture being unable to handle big data, which will eventually result in a failure that could compromise the entire data environment. Before beginning to make technology decisions regarding the big data architecture, make sure a strategy is in place to document architecture principles and guidelines, the organization’s big data business pattern, and high-level functional and quality of service requirements. Use our research to Create a Customized Big Data Architecture and Implementation Plan.

Verifone Data Breach

Verifone, the point-of-sale payment giant and the largest maker of credit card terminals used in the United States, is examining a breach of its systems. A Verifone spokesman told investigative journalist Brian Krebs that the breach was “limited to its corporate network,” and that the breach never impacted its payment services network.

Our View: Security incidents are inevitable, but how they’re dealt with can make or break an organization. Establish communication processes and channels well in advance of a crisis. Don’t wait until a state of panic. Collaborate and share information mutually with other organizations to stay ahead of incoming threats. Use our research to Develop and Implement a Security Incident Management Program.

Drobo Uses Mize to Enhance Customer Experience

Mize is a leading provider of the connected customer experience platform and My Customer Portal. Drobo, a company that makes award-winning data storage products, will implement the Mize platform to enhance customer service by unifying registration, warranty entitlements, support, knowledge, returns, and DroboCare.

Our View: Technology is a fundamental enabler of an organization’s customer experience management strategy. Take a systematic approach when building a portfolio of applications for supporting marketing, sales, and customer service functions and Build a Strong Technology Foundation for Customer Experience Management.

The Lift: Nest Users Share Their Funniest Moments

The Nest Cam is a home security camera aimed to catch home burglaries on film, but they also record amusing home videos, including when a child or pet does something funny, cute, or endearing. The company, Nest, posted and added background music to some of the funniest videos users have shared, calling the video clips “The Nesties.”

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