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Patch management software helps mitigate risks and reduces the inefficiencies associated with manually installing patches; it allows organizations to centrally manage, test and install patches. Read this note to see if patch management software can benefit your organization.

Patch Management Software

In a 2008 Info-Tech study on software patching, 63% of organizations indicated that that their organizations had adequate automation in place to make the installation of patches a straight forward task. Patch management software offers many features that simplify the installation and management process, including:

  • Policy-enforcement capabilities.
  • Verification of the patch deployment's success or failure.
  • Network scanning to find all devices on the network that are missing necessary patches.
  • Rolling back to a pre-installation environment if a patch is found to be problematic.

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    Pauline Williams-Banta | 04-07-2010

    Informative article.


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