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For enterprises requiring a comprehensive Master Data Management (MDM) solution, the safest way to work towards this goal is by taking a phased approach to implementation. This can be done in a three-step process by starting with a consolidation MDM architecture, growing it into a coexistence architecture, and finally, evolving this system into a transactional hub architecture.

This note covers the following topics:

  • Why a big up-front design is not optimal.
  • An overview of three MDM architectures.
  • How to take a phased approach to MDM.
  • Advice on how far the enterprise should go with implementation.

IT managers can use a phased approach to implement a functional solution that delivers value early. By settling for an MDM system that is good enough, IT managers can service business and IT needs without stretching resources.

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    Bill Merz | 05-13-2010

    Tranactional Hub MDM Architecture is a pipe dream. Centralization of disparate data only concentrates the problem and makes its negative effects more profound.

    Data quality issues are not resolved by tools or architecture. Rather, data quality requires a concentated and sustained effort by the business experts to identify and define the data needed to support the business activities.


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