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Effective project management is critical to ensure that the results meet stakeholder expectations, yet organizations resist project management due to the perception that it must be complex and require excessive effort and expense.

This solution set overview will help you:

  • Understand the Project Management Essentials.
  • Implement the essentials to improve project success rates.
  • Link to tools and templates for successful project planning, monitoring, and communication.

Clear success criteria, strong soft skills, a focus on resource planning, and an active approach to project management are more important than formalized frameworks, certified project managers or complex software.

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Focus on Project Management Essentials

For successful projects, focus on the essentials.

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  • A490af05f0bb4d961a205c57135edae7 comment
    Steven Dale | 11-22-2011

    The storyboard has one of the implicit conflicts in Project Management which I have been struggling with my entire career.
    The first step of the essentials is to Establish Success Criteria. The second step is to assign the project management role.
    The "chicken and the egg" problem here is that before a PM (and BA) is involved, most business or IT operations folks are not experienced nor skilled to truly craft the Success Criteria that is both specific and agile. So what ends up happening is the PM gets assigned to a vaguely defined request, then tries to get clarity on the Expectations, Scope, Success Criteria/Objectives but is rushed to develop the plan and execute (manage progress).
    Does anyone have thoughts on this conundrum?

  • Missing comment
    Houman Lessani | 11-08-2012


    Not sure you'll get this reply since it's almost exactly a year later. We've mitigated the issue by bringing the BA's into our IT organization and having them own different business portfolios. They get to sit with the business on weekly basis and hear what they're doing and really get involved with their functional areas. That way, while the business is dreaming up big things, IT can be right there taking notes and directing the conversations. It's working really well for us.

    • 1f30bc908bc68cb3217f4e2c787058d4 comment
      Info-Tech Research Group | 11-09-2012

      Thank you for your comment. Your approach of moving Business Analysts into IT has been successfully used in many organizations. These “relationship managers” can be very effective as business advocates when dealing with IT, and IT advocates when they are dealing with the business. You must, however, ensure that they continue to act primarily as business advocates with IT, having strong affinity with and understanding of their business partners. Otherwise, the business will regret having moved them into IT.


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