Storyboard: Optimize Security Operations without Overspending


Optimize Security Operations without Overspending Storyboard Guest
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This research aims to help you through the entire process of establishing goals, assessing your current status, framing the actionable plan, and setting up the metrics program to enable your organization to build just enough security functions in alignment with business strategies. This storyboard will help you:

  • Define SOF in your organization
  • Identify your challenges
  • Conduct a holistic gap analysis to align people, process, and technology to scale security to threats
  • Choose between outsourcing or in-house implementation
  • Make the shift, close the gap: implement your SOF cost-effectively step-by-step
  • Continuously improve: build the measurement program to evaluate the effectiveness of your SOF

Use this research to implement the appropriate security functions to achieve the best business value while optimizing the cost.

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