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Info-Tech recommends that all organizations develop a metrics program, regardless of size or complexity – start with metrics that address specific business issues like spending and staffing justification or performance improvement.

  • Use metrics to provide powerful insight into IT performance and establish transparent credibility with the business.
  • Many organizations fail to commit to even a basic or simple metrics program, even though doing so does not have to be costly and onerous.
  • Organizations can build a metrics program quickly with 5 simple steps.
  • Metrics don’t stop with collection and communication – what is more important is acting on performance issues.

A metrics and benchmarking program should be a staple for IT shops of all sizes and complexity.

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Use IT Metrics for Accountability and Success

Know where you stand before others do. Metrics are an IT staple.

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    Elena Smith | 05-17-2016

    Very informative and could help me a lot creating IT Metrics. One question, how can I measure IT against revenue if we don't have one? What would be a good basis for measurement other than revenue? Would I be able to benchmark IT metrics without revenue?

    • 432c05244a845caaca3b276adb15a11e comment
      Info-Tech Research Group | 05-19-2016

      Thank you for your question. There are several IT metrics other than revenue, including:
      • As a cost per user
      • As a percentage of total operating costs
      • Average cost of staff
      • Ration of IT employees to total staff
      • Performance to budget
      • Measure business value - Cost / Benefit of IT – efficiency of improvement, cost savings delivered
      There is more information on metrics here:
      In addition, depending on your industry and status (i.e. if you’re a non-profit), you could use flow-through dollars as a substitute for revenue. Or possibly money generated from grants, donations, or other non-revenue funding.


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