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SSL VPNs are often used to provide remote and mobile workers secure access to enterprise resources and applications, but they are also an ideal solution for small branch offices with up to 10 employees. There are many good reasons to use SSL VPNs for small offices, including simplified management, secure access to the enterprise network and resources, and endpoint security features. The IT infrastructure at small branch offices can be virtually eliminated, along with the accompanying costs and management overhead.


SSL VPNs allow users to connect to internal enterprise resources and applications using only an SSL-encrypted Web browser session (https). One leg of the SSL VPN appliance sits in the DMZ, while the other leg connects to the internal network. When a user connects to the SSL encrypted portal, only the applications, files, and services that user has access to will be presented. Once the user selects an application, it will open in a new browser window and look exactly like the application if it were running directly on the connected machine. To see an SSL VPN in action, visit Sonicwall's live SSL VPN demo.

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