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You Must Know These Secrets of SAP Hana for Your Digital Transformation

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Many CIOs and CTOs are facing tough decisions for their existing SAP implementation and do not understand how to follow the SAP Hana roadmap. SAP Hana provides a number of innovative features but understanding true cost and licensing for an existing SAP implementation is the critical first step towards your digital transformation.

Your Challenge

  • The SAP Hana licensing discussion will now include an additional data processing component. SAP Hana, being a core data processing component, requires licensing comparison with other database vendors (such as Oracle, Microsoft, or IBM).
  • An upgrade to SAP Hana is not simple and includes complexity of data migration. SAP Hana includes a number of data processing and storage capabilities that were not available in previous SAP releases. Database migrations’ effort needs to be planned and must be factored into licensing considerations.
  • SAP Hana adoption requires a clear path (upgrade/transform/start fresh). SAP Hana promises to break down silos and creates a single data processing platform for transaction, data warehouse, and other data stores.

Our Solution

  • Our program provides you with the most up-to-date and accurate research on the SAP Hana footprint. Don’t waste time and money on a SAP Hana program until you have a full understanding and view of market adoption.
  • Our approach evaluates SAP Hana using industry standard data architecture principles. Stay away from hype and carefully understand your data management requirement and practice.
  • Our program includes a cost and benefit analysis tool to help you calculate the true cost of your SAP Hana implementation using the innovative, practical, and tactical tool.
  • Our program helps you critically analyze your SAP Hana proposal. Make informed decisions to avoid all common pitfalls.
  • Our program helps you prioritize your SAP upgrade while staying innovative in digital transformation. Be innovative and cost effective at the same time.

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Published: September 18, 2017
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