With IP-based surveillance systems starting to outpace analogue systems in market share it is imperative that your surveillance solution is positioned to take advantage of this technological shift. This tool will help casino, resort and hotel operators to profile their video surveillance requirements and generate a rank-ordered vendor shortlist from a fixed list of vendors. Vendor profiles are based on Info-Tech’s review of the Gaming & Hospitality video surveillance systems market. The tool includes the following specific aspects of analysis:

  • Variable prioritization for product suitability based on multiple factors.
  • Variable prioritization for vendor suitability based on multiple factors.
  • Weightings to adjust the contribution of various suitability factors to the overall vendor ranking for a user’s preference.
  • A self-sorted ranking list of video surveillance vendors based on user input.
Narrow the vendors to a shortlist of solutions that best satisfy your organization’s requirements before sending out RFPs and scheduling vendor demonstrations to ensure you select the best solution.

Solution Set Steps

  1. Review the video surveillance market
  2. Identify the video surveillance solution that best meets your needs
    • Video Surveillance Vendor Shortlist Tool
  3. Build a job description for a surveillance technician
  4. Create a policy for the use of video surveillance


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