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Vendor Landscape: Unified Threat Management

The perimeter firewall grows up and becomes a Swiss Army Knife of protection capabilities.

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Your Challenge

  • Every enterprise needs to implement the right security solutions to protect its operations and its data; “Firewalls” are a table-stakes requirement for an enterprise to be secure.
  • UTM solutions have replaced traditional firewalls and are in danger of themselves being replaced by Next Generation Firewalls; the names change as feature portfolios broaden.
  • Picking the right solution means appropriate protection at an acceptable cost; picking wrong could mean higher cost, lower security, or both.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • The only traffic that counts anymore is HTTP/S: As all traffic becomes Web traffic, controlling traffic flow by protocol becomes keyed to digging into Port 80 (and 443) traffic.
  • Inbound no longer the only direction that threats flow: As security focus has shifted from infrastructure to data, protection needs to address outbound flow as much as inbound attacks.
  • Firewalls can’t protect traffic they can’t see: Encrypted traffic obfuscates threats from Firewalls while WiFi networks allow attacks to bypass them entirely; modern solutions must control these traffic types also.

Impact and Result

Enterprises that plan carefully and select thoughtfully can improve enterprise security while reducing cost and trimming administrative effort with a capable UTM/NGFW; the broader capabilities these tools offer means organizations can get rid of older point solutions that supported the incumbent firewall.

Research & Tools

1. Evaluate UTM/NGFW solutions

Find the Unified Threat Management/Next Generation Firewall that best meets enterprise needs.

2. Identify UTM/NGFW criteria that are most important to you

Develop a custom shortlist of the most appropriate UTM/NGFW solutions.

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Search Code: 46017
Published: August 15, 2011
Last Revised: August 15, 2011