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The Three IT Policies Every Company Must Have

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You don’t have to overburden your organization with bureaucratic red tape in order to design and implement IT policies that work. Instead focus your attention on the IT policies that matter most.

Your Challenge

  • People hate policies. Policies are often seen as the killjoy preventing good employees from being efficient and effective in their jobs. As a result, many will ignore policies as often as they can get away with.
  • More is less. Having more IT policies isn’t better, it’s worse. It’s more work for you to develop, maintain, manage, police, and enforce. More is also more frustrating and complicated for people to comply with.
  • Three IT policies are critical. Good policies mitigate risk. While some organizations will need more policies to mitigate their risks, many companies can start with just three fundamental IT policies.

Our Solution

  • Our program identifies the top three IT policies that virtually every company needs to provide a basic level of control.
  • We do the heavy lifting for you. We provide fully-developed pre-made templates of the top three IT policies so that you have a strong foundation from which to customize your own IT policies.
  • Our program provides an easy transition from the basic IT policies to a fulsome, risk-based approach to total IT policy management.
  • Link in with our myPolicies web-based policy management platform to automate the development, approval, distribution, acknowledgement, monitoring, and enforcement for all of your organization’s policies.

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Published: September 25, 2017
Last Revised: September 25, 2017