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Take a Value-Based Approach to Cost Optimization

Reduce IT spend while continuing to deliver the most important services.

IT continues to be a focal point for cost reduction in organizations. In order to find ways to save money, you need to understand where you are spending it and how that expenditure brings value to the organization.

Your Challenge

  • Scouring your invoices is only the start. Big ticket items on the financial statement are not always where you find the biggest savings, but they are a start. Make your service costs transparent to understand how IT dollars deliver business value, and optimize your spend.
  • Cutting costs today has implications for tomorrow. Before a cost optimization tactic is employed, CIOs must take the time to understand future business initiatives and their required capabilities. Ensure the cost optimization efforts do not interfere with the ability to execute initiatives.
  • Maximizing long-term savings is the wrong choice if you won’t be around to enjoy it. Cash flow matters. If your company needs to save money immediately, looking at spending money to save money is the wrong choice. Survival matters first.

Our Solution

  • Our program will begin by identifying the cost optimization mandate for your organization; determining specific targets and gauging the degree of urgency.
  • Our approach to cost optimization takes a value-based approach. Start by identifying what matters most to the business and the IT services that deliver the greatest business value.
  • Our program will focus on identifying opportunities for cost optimization; both short term and long term.
  • Our approach involves looking at specific areas where cost optimization can be applied including; service/process elimination, effectiveness, quality, efficiency, risk, and transformation.
  • Our program will provide you with a cost optimization plan and presentation that can be delivered to your senior executives and business unit leaders. This will the business leaders understand the implications of their IT cost cutting decisions.

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Published: March 21, 2016
Last Revised: March 21, 2016

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