The Project Level Assessment Tool is a 24-question assessment that determines the risk and complexity of a project and then assigns a Level of 1, 2, or 3 to the project. Projects are assigned a level based on a combination of three elements:

  • Level thresholds for each risk category, which determine how a project is scored for a specific category (e.g. Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, etc.). These are set once for all projects.
  • Importance weightings for each risk category, for a specific project, which determine how much a score for one category impacts the overall project level.
  • Responses to the 24 questions.

Each question is associated with one or more project risk categories, and the answer you choose will impact the project's score for those categories. The category thresholds are set manually in the Level Thresholds tab. The actual project level is determined by the importance rating for all categories.

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Solution Set Steps

  1. Start here – read the Executive Brief
  2. Lay the groundwork for project management success
    • Project Level Assessment Tool
  3. Build a lightweight project management process for small initiatives
  4. Establish a standard process for initiating and planning medium-to-large projects
  5. Establish a standard process for executing and closing medium-to-large projects
  6. Implement your project management SOP


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