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Successfully Manage Shadow IT

Don't let IT live in the business' shadow.


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Shadow IT is unavoidable. The question is, how do you tackle, or even capitalize, on shadow IT? Find shadow IT fast using Info-Tech's methodology and turn shadow IT into partnered innovation opportunities.

Your Challenge

  • Shadow IT is here to stay. With the availability and accessibility of technology resources improving and a growing millennial demographic that knows how to use it, shadow IT will continue to expand.
  • Shadow IT puts the entire organization at risk. Shadow IT bypasses IT’s processes and controls and provides access to novel IT capabilities. These unique capabilities expose the organization to a large degree of unknown risks that are only exposed when things go wrong.
  • Shadow IT is political. Culprits of shadow IT are often viewed as diligent, star performers because they are able to create innovative solutions quickly. They will oppose anything that gets in their way, including the IT department. So, instead of just saying “no” when these business innovators approach IT with a request, the IT department needs to help them with a solution that also meets the broader risk, security, and integration needs of the organization, or they’ll simply build it without you.

Our Solution

  • Our project helps you build a comprehensive IT shadow strategy that serves as the foundation for ongoing shadow IT identification and assessment across your organization.
  • Our approach avoids saying “no” to the business and instead “How can we help?” to improve relationships and ensure that IT is able to implement proper IT controls and mitigate key risks.
  • Our focus is on using data to clearly articulate IT-related risks of each shadow IT incidence. Communicating the specific risks enlightens the business and enables you to make the right investments to manage risk and transfer competencies.
  • Our approach is grounded in interpreting the needs of the business and using shadow IT to drive innovation and the competitive advantage of both the IT department and organization.

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Published: March 28, 2016
Last Revised: March 28, 2016