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Slash WAN Costs by 50%

Double the value of your wide area network.


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Traditional wide area networks (WANs) have long been one of IT’s most expensive costs, but everything that this network was built on is changing. Options now abound for lowering the cost and increasing the value of your WAN.

Your Challenge

  • Your branches don’t need expensive MPLS to reach applications in the cloud. Your network was built to serve applications out of a data center but those applications are moving to the cloud. Invest in bandwidth that brings your apps closer to the user.
  • Most applications traversing your WAN do not benefit from a performance guarantee. Save your MPLS for the applications that need it, and use cheaper transport for everything else. That was hard before; it isn’t anymore.

Our Solution

  • Our research will help you itemize all your current-state WAN costs that should be taken into account when considering a modern solution.
  • Our research will demonstrate where the value of more modern WAN solutions can be derived by examining both tangible and ancillary benefits.
  • Our research takes the thinking out of calculating TCO and ROI by providing all the common cost considerations in a single convenient place.
  • Our research makes building a business case for a more modern wide area network simple by providing tools that produce presentation-quality reports that tell your story.

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Published: September 20, 2017
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