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Data Integration Tools reduce development times significantly and improve efficiency and operational success. Tools now provide broader functionality beyond traditional ETL, with many incorporating a mix of technologies, like data quality, replication, metadata, and MDM data federation.

Use this research to:

  • Develop a data integration tool strategy.
  • Make the business case for data integration tools.
  • Compare and select data integration tool vendors.

Ensure that you make the correct data integration decisions for your enterprise needs; from strategy to selection to implementation.

Solution Set Steps

  1. Evaluate data integration needs and tools
    • Vendor Landscape Plus Storyboard: Data Integration Tools
  2. Determine if the enterprise could benefit from DI tools
  3. Use requirements to set evaluation priorities
  4. Identify vendors and solicit information
  5. Evaluate RFP responses to establish a shortlist
  6. Test potential DI solutions


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