Vendor Landscape Plus: CRM Software

Complex CRM suites can leave a sour taste.


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Your Challenge

  • Leading CRM suites are too expensive and overly complex for most SMBs.
  • CRM leads the SaaS movement, making delivery method a key consideration for CRM product selection.
  • CRM product selection is almost as cumbersome as CRM implementation; too long and costly. Use Info-Tech's CRM Decision Diamond™ to shorten the process.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Organizations are pushing back on traditional and complex CRM suites in favor of platform-like solutions, allowing integrators to build specific solutions.
  • CRM software delivered as a service, led by, is a mature, viable technology option for most SMBs.
  • Microsoft has evolved into a leading CRM vendor with Dynamics CRM v4, boosted by the natural and extreme Outlook integration.

Impact and Result

  • Info-Tech's CRM Decision Diamond™ will help you select the right CRM feature set and app delivery method to achieve immediate value and long-term flexibility.
  • The CRM Decision Diamond™ shortens selection time by examining pre-screened vendors specifically recommended for SMBs.
  • The CRM Decision Diamond™ allows you to spend your consultancy budget on CRM implementation, instead of selection.

Vendor Landscape Plus: CRM Software


Analyze market trends for on-demand CRM vs. on-premise CRM.

Select an appropriate delivery model for our organization.


Compare major CRM vendors and products against each other.

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