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Select and Implement an SMMP

Rein in social media by choosing a platform that’s right for you.


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Different parts of your organization have different social media objectives. Select a Social Media Management Platform (SMMP) that satisfies your objectives across marketing, sales, public relations, HR, and customer service.

Your Challenge

  • Social media is ubiquitous across multiple departments: an SMMP is needed to harness it. The proliferation of social networks, accounts, and use cases means that an SMMP is critical for any organization that’s serious about using social to interact with its customers.
  • If IT fails to support the business with a standardized SMMP, shadow IT will take its place. The vast majority of SMMPs are SaaS-based solutions that can be easily purchased without IT’s involvement. However, this results in platform fragmentation and inefficiency as every department purchases its own product.
  • Proactively helping the business standardize on a single, best-fit platform positions IT as an innovator. Helping the business select and deploy a platform for social listening and engagement shows that IT is capable of supporting newer channels for customer experience.

Our Solution

  • Our comprehensive approach to selecting a Social Media Management Platform allows you to collect, analyze, and parse SMMP requirements across marketing, sales, and service. Based on your requirements, our approach allows you to choose a best-in-class SMMP vendor that aligns with your customer interaction needs – and in a cost-effective manner.
  • Leverage our blueprints or on-site resources to conduct a thorough vendor evaluation that highlights the relative strengths and challenges of major players in the SMMP market, and make a fully informed decision on which vendor to select.
  • Take advantage of our comprehensive tools and templates to guide you at each stage of the SMMP selection, from capturing requirements to building the RFP to scoring vendor demos.
  • Create a unified framework for driving successful implementation and adoption of your SMMP platform that fully addresses CRM and marketing automation integration, end-user adoption, and social analytics.

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Published: July 12, 2016
Last Revised: July 12, 2016