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Review Top IT Contracts to Level the Playing Field with Key IT Vendors

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IT can become over-reliant on key vendor contracts for mission-critical products and services without having the process, time, or resources to ensure the organization’s goals, best interests, and costs are effectively negotiated into these contracts.

Your Challenge

  • Ambiguous or missing T&Cs can cost your organization over 20% of the total agreement value. Vendors write one-sided license agreements for their benefit and do not seek to protect the customer.
  • Vendors have pre-set negotiation strategies. And they’ll use them on you. Without understanding your own position and leverage points, it’s difficult to withstand their persuasive, and sometimes pushy, tactics.
  • Your stakeholders have different – possibly conflicting – needs. Each department has its own agenda and requirements. Bringing them together, understanding their points of view, and presenting a cohesive want to vendors is a challenge.

Our Solution

  • Our methodology encourages you to start early. We will make sure you’re on a proactive schedule – we’ll help you design and implement a contract review process that is tailored to your specific needs.
  • Our program will help you build a cross-functional team. We’ll help you bring in the legal team, the IT department, your CFO, and any other stakeholder to make sure you understand their needs and requirements.
  • Our approach creates an environment where you will learn to negotiate on your own terms. There’s a multitude of tactics that you can use to leverage your contracts in your favor.
  • Our approach is practical and tactical. We map out the process of how to negotiate from a position of strength, examining terms and conditions, discount percentages, and agreement pitfalls.
  • Our program helps you understand avenues of recourse should issues be discovered in the contract or if terms aren’t honored by the vendor.

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Published: July 5, 2016
Last Revised: July 5, 2016