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Replatform Your Applications to the Cloud

Understand the benefits for your organization and have a plan for action.


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Organizations want to take advantage of the cloud and what it has to offer, but the optimal path to take existing applications to the cloud is unclear. Engage with this set of research to learn about the challenges you may face in re-platforming your applications to the cloud.

Your Challenge

  • Determine if the organization is ready. The organization may want to move to the cloud due to industry trends, but in many cases has not considered if the organization has the requisite competencies and resources for the transition.
  • Not all vendors are the same. Organizations tend to engage with the concept of re-platforming under the assumption that all vendors have similar offerings, but there is a large degree of heterogeneity in the marketplace and you need to factor in their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Architectural complexity matters. Assess the architectural complexity of your existing applications and if the migration to a cloud resource will actually act as an organizational boon or an inhibitor to the business in the long run. Some applications may be better suited than others.

Our Solution

  • Conduct a readiness assessment. Do not just dive into cloud migration but ensure you understand how it’s destined to benefit your organization.
  • Understand the challenges the industry is facing. Moving to the cloud may be more involved than you think. Prepare yourself with our in-depth how-to research.
  • Customize your criteria to your unique business demands. Ensure the solution you choose supports the unique needs of your organization through adjustable weighting of evaluation criteria.
  • Leverage the expertise of our analysts. Schedule a call to engage with our analysts who have conducted the information gathering, scoring, and fact checking of the ALM marketplace.

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Published: July 11, 2016
Last Revised: July 11, 2016