Fire protection is a critical aspect of data center planning and design which ensures life safety, protection of property, continuity of operations and compliance with codes and standards. However, whether the organization is small or large, the Authority Having Jurisdiction (local, state, or federal laws), will ultimately dictate fire protection requirements.

This research note will discuss:
•    Fire detection, alarm and Emergency Power Off.
•    Options in sprinkler systems.
•    Clean agent fire suppression systems.

Understand the options in fire detection and suppression, and protect the data center now.

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Renovation projects are more complex than first thought.

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Solution Set Steps

  1. Identify and understand the renovation project.
  2. Renovate power in the data center.
  3. Renovate cooling in the data center.
  4. Renovate standby power in the data center.
  5. Define current and future fire protection requirements.
    • Fire Protection: Only YOU Can Prevent Data Center Fires
  6. Assess the opportunities and establish a clear project scope.
  7. Establish a budget for the data center renovation project.
  8. Select a general contractor to execute the project.


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