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Data center renovation projects call for a detailed design and planning process, and require a mechanical engineer or contractor for the duration of the project. Many organizations make the mistake of selecting contractors that specialize in ‘commercial office space’ disciplines; while they may be fully qualified in the commercial space, they may not have the experience and knowledge required to work within a data center environment. Selecting the wrong contractor can lead to problems in final inspections, expensive change orders, and major issues long after the renovation is complete. IT can help avoid such mistakes by conducting thorough reference checks of shortlisted contractors during the initial selection process.

Use this checklist to:

  • Ensure nothing is missed when conducting a reference check.
  • Ensure that the contractor is fully qualified for the data center project.
  • Validate information provided from contractor proposals.
  • Choose a qualified contractor for the data center renovation project.

To avoid costly mistakes in the final implementation phases of a data center renovation project, perform due diligence by conducting detailed contractor reference checks.

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Solution Set Steps

  1. Identify and understand the renovation project.
  2. Renovate power in the data center.
  3. Renovate cooling in the data center.
  4. Renovate standby power in the data center.
  5. Define current and future fire protection requirements.
  6. Assess the opportunities and establish a clear project scope.
  7. Establish a budget for the data center renovation project.
  8. Select a general contractor to execute the project.
    • Data Center Renovation Contractor Reference Checklist


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