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Prepare to Deploy Commercial PPM Software

Get the PPM deployment you want by doing your homework before the vendor comes onsite.

Successful project portfolio management software adoption depends on your ability to get key data populated upfront and maintained from day one.

Your Challenge

  • Don’t count on the software vendor to prepare your PPM deployment. Your PPM vendor likely won’t have time to do everything you need for success. Be prepared to discuss and defend implementation decisions and costs.
  • Make right-sized adoption the primary requirement. Most organizations underestimate the software’s cost in use. Develop an adoption plan that forces recognition of the hours required to make the software work.
  • Start with trustworthy data and never let it go. Many PPM deployments fail to ever get a complete project portfolio data set. You need to be ready with complete portfolio data before the vendor starts their process.

Our Solution

  • Develop an adoption plan that confronts the predictable resource capacity challenges. Info-Tech will help you avoid the classic mistake of introducing more process rigor than your people will naturally adopt.
  • Develop a project plan for your PPM software deployment, allowing you to evolve the plan with the vendor to understand their role and capabilities. This plan can be the first official project in your new system.
  • Prepare and maintain the critical portfolio data, ensuring that the vendor starts with a legitimate book of record. Avoid the pitfalls of never getting a perpetually current portfolio by having one before deployment.
  • Define your requirements for key control documents, such as the business case and project charter. Don’t wait for the week of your deployment to find out that you need to involve a wider array of stakeholders.

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